PCB Design Services

We provide Double sided / multilayer printed circuit design, which will meet electrical, mechanical, fabrication, assembly and testing parameters. Our designers work closely with R&D team to ensure that designed board is “Right at the First Time & every time".

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PCB BPO Services

PVES BPO services are specially tailor made for PCB manufacturers across the globe. The services mainly include CAM and Product Engineering services with the use of state of art software tools like UCAM and GENESIS.

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PCBA (EMS) Services

PVES EMS services include several pre assembly services and box assembly services of small units for Power/Medical/Industrial Automation Sectors.

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PCB Design Services

CAD Tools

  • PADS (Power PCB)

Design Capability

  • High Speed Multilayer Board
  • Signal Integrity
  • EMI/EMC analysis
  • Digital, Analog & Mixed Technology
  • Differential pairs & Cross Talk control
  • Fine pitch & high pin count ball grid array (BGA)
  • Impedance & Delay matching
  • Blind & Buried VIA

PCB BPO Services

Quote data processing

  • Downloading the customer data (Gerbers, drawings, specifications etc.,)
  • Checking the completeness of the data and customer interaction
  • Studying the manufacturing feasibility and customer interaction for exceptions
  • Capturing all significant cost drivers and other details and special requirements
  • Completing the quote offer by remotely accessing customer quote system or a specific format prescribed by the customers

CAM services

Data read in and initial cam is the data read in process as well as the process in which the raw data is translated in to customer specific layer names, alignment of layers , optimization of data like draws to flash conversion, contourization, and any other specific operation and outputting the data per customer specific format.

Complete CAM generally involves the activities called one-up editing and panellization (assembly panel as well as PCB manufacturing panel). One up activities generally include drill program generation( per customer tolerance and PCB manufacturing capability ), assigning etch compensation, customer specific UL markings, logo , performing DRC and repairs, generation of route profile and any other special layers required for production. Finally panelizing with respect to assembly array as well as PCB manufacturing production panel size. Also adding test coupons as required.

Fixture and Program generation (Post CAM) : - This includes generation of BBT text fixtures / AOI programs and any other requirement as specified by customers.

CAM Automation Services

Following PVES CAM Automation Services reduce cycle time and optimize the productivity and also ensure error free task accomplishment.

  • Enhancement of UCAM software functionality with the aid of unlimited customization possibilities through Hyper tool( Java)
  • Enhancement of GENSIS software functionality through automation tool scripting ( Perl )

Typical tasks those can be automated include

  • a) Auto etch compensation
  • b) Drill dia calculation
  • c) Job Flow optimization
  • d) Layer optimization
  • e) Auto panelization ( Assembly panel and Production Panel )
  • f) Net compare etc.,

Product Engineering (Methods or Planning)

Activities generally include the following which are carried out by our dedicated product engineer in collaboration with CAM engineer as well as customer process engineering personnel

  • Review of customer supplied data and detailed feasibility check, reporting observations
  • Suggest panelization, stackup, and Impedance calculation using calculators like POLAR and suggesting suitable data or stackup modification.
  • Entering part specific information in to customer database which in turn used for traveler generation, bill of materials etc., this again can be done by remotely accessing customer ERP or Engineering database.
  • Interacting with customers for technical queries and offering suggestions for DFM.

PCBA (EMS) Services

Precivision EMS Services include the following

Preproduction Services

BOM Scrubbing

  • Inputting customer BOM
  • Comparison and verification with PCB data
  • Linking to price matrix of preferred suppliers
  • Output BOM to customer preferred format

Pre production verification typically involving following activities

  • Comparison of component PCB foot print with components
  • Missing components identification and reporting
  • Component space/Solder paste /Fiducial verification
  • Identification of soldering shorts

Assembly Tools

  • Stencil Data
  • Pick and place program generation
  • Inspection Program generation.

Assembly Services

  • Cable harness
  • Core winding
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Manual Mounting of TH and SMD components

Box Build of small Units

New Product Introduction Services (NPI)

Please contact us to know more about how we can provide high quality, scalable, consistent, dependable and cost effective services.